Malthouse Hotel

Czech name Hotel Sladovna
Address Černá Hora 3/5, 679 21 Černá Hora
GPS 49°24'55"N 16°34'57"E (xx km)
342 m above sea level

Sauna world, swimming pool, whirlpool In-door swimming pool is equipped with massaging jets and contra-flow. Water temperature is 28°C. Close to the pool you can find whirlpool for 4 - 6 people. Sauna world and its 320 square metres is the most exclusive sauna facility in the whole region. There are several types of saunas and treatments to give you warmth and pleasant feeling to soothe your body and mind there. Finnish sauna, bio-sauna, steam sauna, steam-salt sauna, Kneipp treading path, tepidarium are here to give you the warmth and soothe you body and mind. To cool down your body after using saunas there is an Ice room (a machine with ice chips), tropical rain (aroma shower with soothing sounds and lights), the cooling down pool, pour over bucket and showers.