Uherský Ostroh - chateau and gallery

Address Zámecká 24, 687 24 Uherský Ostroh
GPS 48°59'9"N 17°23'25"E (xx km)
175 m above sea level

Originally a moated castle guarding the commercial road connecting Hungary with Prague. There have been several owners of the castle, and in the middle of the 15th century it belonged for a long time to the Lords of Kunovice, who started to rebuild it as a Renaissance chateau. The castle was confiscated, and the Lichtensteins took it. Several hundred years later, another confiscation, this time in 1945, also touched this family. At present the chateau is being used by the city administration. The outline of the chateau is quadrangular in shape, and the courtyard is framed by two tiered arcades. The three storey building is dominated by a rectangular tower.