Cafe Era

Czech name Kavárna Era
Address Zemědělská 30, 613 00 Brno
GPS 49°12'38"N 16°37'9"E (xx km)
244 m above sea level

Era Café is an outstanding functionalist piece of architecture built in Brno between the years 1927- 1929. It was built according to a design by Josef Kranz and inspired by De Stijl movement and J. J. P. Oud´s Café de Unie in Rotterdam. Graphically clean composition of the façade almost makes an impression of an empty poster. A spiral staircase inside forms the dominant feature of the interior of the café, also linking its two floors. The café suffered a grim fate after the war. It was nationalized and then managed by the University of Agriculture, which led to its complete dilapidation. Nowadays, after a thorough reconstruction, the café again radiates its original atmosphere with a pleasant smell of coffee and food cooked from fresh seasonal ingredients. Moreover, it can offer a newly opened space on the second floor with a gallery and an exhibition describing the origin and the history of this beautiful building.