Malthouse Hotel

Czech name Hotel Sladovna
Address Černá Hora 3/5, 679 21 Černá Hora
GPS 49°24'55"N 16°34'57"E (xx km)
342 m above sea level

Restaurant Sladovna This non smoking elegantly designed yet pleasant and cosy restaurant with 90 seats offers large selection of dishes from Czech and International cuisine. We have not forgotten our youngest. There is an in-door and out-door area just for them. Hunting Lounge This lounge with its capacity of up to 60 people is decorated with the collection of trophies which turns the lounge to an untraditional place for your celebrations, meeting with friends or a party. At Procurator´s A stylish beer house where you can try all kinds of beers and beer specialities made in the Černá Hora brewery. It was built in a wooden alehouse style with forging components and historic complements. The menu is the same as in the restaurant. It is the only smoking place in the hotel. Club Muzejka Traditional stylish seating by the Museum of brewing is situated under original vaults of the historic malt house. This fascinating place full of history combined with modern services is the right place for those looking for something different