Sunny courtyard

Czech name Sluneční dvůr
Address Přemyslovo náměstí 26, 627 00 Brno
GPS 49°10'41"N 16°41'3"E (xx km)
253 m above sea level

A hotel is situated in the centre of Brno-Slatina suburb. Its advantage is a short distance from the international airport Brno-Tuřany and easy accessibility from highway D1 (exit 201), D2 or from the Brno city centre on the four-lane road towards Olomouc. The hotel has parking for cars and a bus nearby. The hotel of fers a restaurant of fering untraditional meals, good beer and quality Moravian wines. The complex includes premises for organising training courses and seminars as well as the
branch of fice of Komerční banka.