(Hotel Zátoka)

Address Slnečné Jazerá-Sever, Senec
GPS 48°13'17"N 17°25'28"E (xx km)
125 m above sea level

Hotel ***Zátoka is situated on the Sunny Lakes - North in a cove directly above the lake and has its own private beach. The overall capacity of the hotel is 72 beds in 35 rooms. Extra beds are available. Hotel guests can select from single and double rooms and extra beds; a penthouse suite is also available. Half of the rooms provide a spectacular view of the Sunny Lakes. The hotel also has a barrier-free room and a lift.

All rooms are furnished with a private bath, toilet, telephone, refrigerator, color TV with satellite reception and a balcony. A private beach and parking area are located on the grounds of the hotel.