Hotel Kopanice

Address 687 74 Žítková 160
GPS 48°58'41"N 17°52'56"E (xx km)
585 m above sea level

Welcome to the beautiful White Carpathians Protected Landscape Area. This area is known for its deep forests, flowering orchid meadows and amazing fresh air without any signs of a city life. This is the right place to slow down, banish stress from everydays life and rejuvinate yourself. Just take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the vacation.

Hotel Kopanice offers a wide range of services and will do whatever it takes to make you feel at home. Cozy rooms with amazing views of the White Carpathian mountains, a family atmosphere and customer service that is ready to make all of your wishes come true will enhance your overall stay.

Besides that you can spoil yourself with culinary specialties in the hotel restaurant, quality wine in our wine-cellar, music entertainment and you can also tease your body at the gym and at the end of the day get a massage and relax in the spa.

And if you wonder why we chose Kopanice as a name of the hotel the answer is simple. It is situated in Žítková village which is part of Moravské Kopanice and therefore we wanted to pay a tribute to all people who lived here and whose life wasn´t the easiest.