Hotel Fontána

Address Kníničky 814, 635 00 Brno
GPS 49°14'46"N 16°30'50"E (xx km)
285 m above sea level

Accommodation, accommodation in Brno, Hotel Fontána at Brno dam – it is right hotel for you and for families with children, also we welcome guests with their pets.

Hotel Fontána offers comfortable accommodation in Brno in quiet area of Brno dam.
Location of the hotel will primarily offer wonderful view of the lake and the dam impressive sight especially appreciate when you visit our hotel during firework festival. This magnificent event has become tradition and is very popular.
Come during the parade week. You can enjoy a few evenings of beauty fireworks accompanied by music. In the course of the day you can enjoy a much needed rest in a quiet and confidentiality atmosphere of a suburban forest.
Hotel Fontána is place where you can gather strength and indulge the luxury of carefree rest if you let us take the care of you.
Hotel Fontána is not only ideal place for an individual stay but also for a variety of themed events, social events, conferences, seminars, banquets, celebrations and absolute popularity of long winning wedding ceremonies with subsequent wedding reception ...