Hotel N

Address Přímětice 62, 669 04 Znojmo 4
GPS 48°53'3"N 16°2'6"E (xx km)
325 m above sea level

The hotel "N" is situated in Přímětice, which is a suburb of the town of Znojmo. Its location in the well known wine growing area is more than strategic. The hotel lies outside the busy centre full of traffic, but, on the other hand, it is just ten minutes´ walk from the historical centre of Znojmo. It is only fifteen kilometres to the border crossing between the Czech Republic and Austria: Hatě - Kleinhaugsdorf.

A real priority of the hotel "N", worth visiting just for its own purpose, is its direct internal connection with a unique wine Cross Vaulted Cellar from the mid 18th century. This cellar ranks among the largest cross vaulted cellars in the world.. Besides this unique cellar, Přímětice offers still one extraordinary point of interest. In the year 1754 the priest and inventor Prokop Diviš constructed in the local parsonage his lightning conductor, a predecessor of the present day lightning conductors. Its true to life model is a much frequented tourist attraction.

The hotel specializes in the firm presentations, congresses, training courses, and seminars. It is an ideal place suitable for arranging social and cultural events.