Hotel Prometheus

Address Hudcova 367/78, 612 00 Brno
GPS 49°14'2"N 16°35'1"E (xx km)
250 m above sea level

The Prometheus Hotel, a member of the IMPS a.s., is located in Medlánky, a calm quarter of the town of Brno. We offer an accommodation in single and double rooms and 3 suites. A total capacity of the hotel is 82 beds.
You can take the opportunity and have your meals at our hotel restaurant that is open for you all day.
We have several lounges suitable for business meetings, trainings sessions, conferences and other social gatherings. Their capacity is from 8 up to 80 seats and they are at your full disposal.
You can park in our compound car park.
One of the advantages of staying in our hotel is its good accessibility by a public transport. You will easy get to the city centre as well as to the Brno Exhibition Centre.