Hotel Omega

Address Křídlovická 19b, 603 00 Brno
GPS 49°11'17"N 16°35'56"E (xx km)
202 m above sea level

Hotel Omega Brno provides comfortable accommodation in 17 double and triple rooms (47 beds), each of them is equipped with bathroom, toilet, telephone and cabel TV set. Pleasant and well-equipped rooms, convenient location of the hotel in the vicinity of the city centre, adjacent to the Brno Exhibition Centre (500 m) and close to Rondo sport palace, as well as easy access to the city public transport makes Hotel Omega Brno attractive destination for many visitors to Brno.
Other services include parking in a guarded hotel garage with camera security system, wine restaurant, beer hall, lounge for 15 persons and congress hall with up to 75 seats. The area of the hotel is covered with wireless internet connection Wi-Fi. The squash-court is at the disposal of the hotel guests and visitors at their leisure time.